Osteopathy Leads the Way
to Your Well-Being

General Osteopathy

Osteopathy addresses all types of functional problems such as pain, headaches, digestive or respiratory disorders, fatigue, stress and anxiety, etc. Osteopathy is for people of all ages. Whether you are 3 or 99 years old, I will find a solution that works for you, with treatments that fits your needs and that respect your limitations. There is no need to suffer: ask for a consultation, osteopathy is there to help you.

Obstetrical Osteopathy

Is your pregnancy painful? Osteopathy can help you so that you fully enjoy this moment in your life. Pregnancy brings about physical and physiological changes to your body that can result in lower back pain, a feeling of respiratory blockage, and other uncomfortable effects. I can help release those tensions. Whether it is improving your well-being, allowing for an easier delivery or rebalancing the pelvic region during post-partum, osteopathy is there for you.

Geriatric Osteopathy

Body functions become less efficient with age, bringing disabilities and pain. Manual treatments prevent the onset of mobility restrictions, improve mobility and greatly help reduce pain. Osteopathy thus helps improve the quality of life for seniors. Contact us for a consultation!

Preventive Osteopathy

Do you want to feel better? Do you have specific needs because of multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia, among other conditions? Regular osteopathic care helps to maintain and improve a person's overall health. Periodical maintenance treatments increase joint mobility and loosen up muscular, visceral and fascial tensions. Body functions  improve, resulting in increase vitality and a growing sense of well-being. Let me help you find your best you!

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